"Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk" Podcast for Japanese Listening Practice

 The "Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk" Podcast is an intermediate/advanced level Japanese language listening podcast that you can use to keep refining your Japanese, and to learn about many different types of customs and practices in Japanese society.

This podcast is entirely in Japanese, and the host discusses various topics on each episode. She does speak at a regular tempo for native Japanese speakers, but she does annunciate words clearly so it is easy to understand what she is saying. The podcast episodes feature many different topics like: insomnia, pollen, allergies, garbage segregating in Japan, how to reduce stress, miso soup, proverbs and idioms, teenage slang words, tongue twisters, job interview tips and manners, survival phrases for shopping in convenience stores, and many other interesting topics.

Episodes of the "Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk" podcast for Japanese listening practice first began in April of 2021, and there are currently 66 episodes. The first 3 or 4 months started on pretty strong with about 9 episodes each month. The frequency slowly started dropping after that to about 1 episode each week. Then, in January of 2022 started to fall to one episode each month. For 2023, there are only 4 episodes so far; one for January 31st, one for March 3rd, and two in May. The podcast host offers online lessons on Skype, so maybe she is spending more of her time giving lessons and is not able to produce as many podcasts as she was able to in the past. Either way, the podcasts that are published already are worth a listen if you are getting bored of listening to the same podcaster over and over again. I think variety helps hold my interest anyway.

You can find episodes of the “Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk

Apple Podcasts: Study Real Japanese/Real Nihongo Talk

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