"Nihongo Hanaso" Podcast for Japanese Listening Practice

 The "Nihongo Hanaso" podcast is an intermediate/advanced level Japanese language listening podcast that you can use to practice listening and comprehending Japanese.

On this podcast Mamiko narrates short news stories, and maybe other stories in general. Usually, for each episode, she will read a story with vocabulary that is at a beginner level, and then upload another episode of the same story with vocabulary that is at the N3 level. The N3 level is around the intermediate level of the  Japanese language. The N5 through N1 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is how a lot of textbooks, instructors, and teachers describe the level of grammar or language that they are using. The N5 level is beginner, and the N1 level is the highest level of the JLPT.

Mamiko began uploading episodes of the “Nihongo Hanaso” podcast for Japanese language listening practice in February of 2021, and she currently has 171 episodes. You can expect an episode once each week. Well, two episodes each week as one is beginner level and the other is N3 level. Both podcasts for each episode are usually released together at the same time. Each episode is about 10 to 20 minutes long, with most clocking in at 12 to 15 minutes or so. However, the last episode uploaded was in September of 2022. Still worth listening to.

Mamiko does have transcripts of her podcast episodes, but you must sign up for her Patreon in order to have access to the transcripts. This is a good podcast to listen to in order to practice your Japanese listening skills. You can also listen to both the beginner level, and N3 level, and then compare the differences between the two levels. This could help with your understanding of words you have not heard before.

You can find episodes of the “Nihongo Hanaso” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Nihongo Hanaso

Apple Podcasts: Nihongo Hanaso

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