"Being Americanized Japanese" Podcast for Japanese and English Listening Practice

 The "Being Americanized Japanese" Podcast is a beginner/intermediate level Japanese and English language conversational podcast that you can use to learn about conversations in Japanese and English (if you are learning English).

If the first sentence didn't give it away, this podcast is a bilingual Japanese and English conversational podcast. Reona and Abe, the podcast hosts, have both grown up in the U.S. with at least one Japanese parent. Much like the "Bilingual News" podcast, if you have heard of that one, Reona mainly speaks Japanese and Abe mainly speaks English while carrying on conversations about many different topics. If you like this type of thing, you can listen to Abe speak in English, and get a better idea what Reona is talking if you didn't understand what she said in Japanese. And the reverse works as well if you are an English learner, you can listen to what Reona says in Japanese if you didn't understand what Abe was saying in English. While they don't repeat what each other is saying in the opposite language, their responses can help you pick up on the meaning of what was said.

Reona and Abe talk about many different topics on the "Being Americanized Japanese" podcast. Things like culture shock for Japanese when they visit America, and for Americans when they visit Japan. They also talk about stereotypes that Japanese think about Americans and vice versa. They also talk about cultural aspects of both countries like phrases, pop-culture, slang, movies, traveling, language, society, and many other types of topics. Contemporary news stories are also a topic that shows up on most of the episodes of the podcast.

Episodes of the "Being Americanized Japanese" podcast showed up in April of 2020, and there are currently 126 episodes. They started releasing about 1 episode each week, but have recently slowed down to 2 episodes a month. Each episode is around 1 hour long, ranging from 50 minutes to 70 minutes.

You can find episodes of the “Being Americanized Japanese” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: "Being Americanized Japanese" Podcast

Apple Podcasts: "Being Americanized Japanese" Podcast

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