"The Bite Size Japanese Podcast" for Japanese Listening Practice

 “The Bite Size Japanese Podcast” can be fun for those with an intermediate level understanding of the Japanese language. Layla has a number of different platforms where she teaches Japanese, and this podcast is one of them.

The podcast is a mix of episodes that are mainly for listening practice, and episodes that are for teaching different parts of Japanese grammar, common phrases, or particular uses of certain words and vocabulary. The episodes which focus on listening practice have a variety of topics about daily life, and Layla’s life in general.

On “The Bite Size Japanese Podcast”, Layla speaks in Japanese. She is very easy to understand, and it is easy to distinguish between different words even if you don’t know the words yet. Sometimes, Layla may speak in English for a bit, or may explain a difficult word or phrase in English briefly. Topics are interesting enough to keep you listening, and she sometimes has a guest on the podcast.

The first “The Bite Size Japanese Podcast” episode was released in November of 2021. Episodes were released at about the rate of 1 or 2 each week. Since March of 2022, Layla has released an episode almost every day, and there are currently 304 episodes. Each episode is normally between 5 to 10 minutes long. Layla also posts videos of each podcast episode on her YouTube channel: “The Bite Size Japanese Podcast”. In addition, she has a channel called “Bite Size Japanese”, which has stuck to the descriptive title recently and only posted ‘shorts’ on the channel. There are a lot of longer videos on that channel, but they are older than a year or so. I’m sure they are still great content though.

This is a great podcast to listen to for listening practice. I’m sure most people will be interested in the content as well. You can find “The Bite Size Japanese Podcast” at the following links:

Spotify: "The Bite Size Japanese Podcast"

Apple Podcasts: "The Bite Size Japanese Podcast"

Instagram: Bite Size Japanese

YouTube: "The Bite Size Japanese Podcast"   "Bite Size Japanese"

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