"Slow Japanese by Mochifika" - Podcast in Japanese Language

 The "Slow Japanese by Mochifika" podcast is for upper beginner and intermediate level Japanese learners. I think it is more suitable for “upper beginners” because the podcast is entirely in Japanese.

You will need to have a lot of beginner vocabulary already learned in order to understand what is being said. Although, I guess you could just listen to it for pronunciation practice if you like. Don’t let the name fool you, Mochifika (or Akari) is a native Japanese speaker.

Just as the title indicates, the “Slow Japanese by Mochifika” podcast is slow spoken Japanese. She does really slow down her speech so that you can understand better, and really get that pronunciation. It also helps you to identify the words separately. It might be a little tiresome for intermediate learners, due to the slower speaking speed. Akari talks about a variety of different topics on her podcast. It is more of a listening and practice podcast, and she is not really teaching grammar or word usage very often. The podcast is made to grow your listening skills.

Akari started uploading episodes of the “Slow Japanese by Mochifika” podcast in September of 2021. She only has 56 episodes at this time, which means that she is releasing about 4 episodes each month. Although, for April and May of 2022 she only released one episode each month. Maybe she is busy, as it looks like she has private lessons on her website. She also has a YouTube channel where she has been uploading various videos.

You can find the “Slow Japanese by Mochifika” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Slow Japanese by Mochifika

Apple Podcasts: Slow Japanese by Mochifika

YouTube: AkariMPassionistaOfLanguages

Website: mochifika.com


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