"Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)" Podcast for Japanese Listening Practice

 "Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)" Podcast is an intermediate/advanced level Japanese language podcast that you can use to practice your Japanese listening skills.

Kaichi has a professional looking website, although there is not much on it, and it sounds like he has a professionally produced podcast. He has a great voice, speaks at a normal pace, and uses Japanese throughout each podcast episode.

Kaichi began releasing episodes of the "Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)" Podcast back in April of 2021, and he currently has 123 episodes of the podcast. Episode release is very sporadic. For instance from January to March 2022, he released an episode every other day. But he released only one episode in April, four in May, and one in June of 2022. Prior to December of 2021, he released about one or two episodes each week.

Kaichi talks about anything and everything on his podcast; from interviewing friends to waiting in line for ramen, and many other aspects of Japanese culture. Sometimes he does get into teaching a part of the Japanese language. And once or twice he recorded episodes in English. For instance, he did an episode on why Japanese use Keigo, and a listener asked him to make the episode in English for easier understanding.

Kaichi is interesting and keeps you interested in the topic that he is talking about. I like listening to Kaichi, and recommend the "Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)" Podcast for listening to the Japanese language. You can find Kaichi at the following links:

Spotify: Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)

Apple Podcasts: Real-Life Japanese with Kaichi (かいちと学ぶ生の日本語)

Website: kaichijapanese.wixsite.com

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