“Learning Culture in Japanese” - Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

 The "Learning Culture in Japanese" Podcast is for intermediate level Japanese learners. The goal of this podcast is to teach you about Japanese culture in easy to understand Japanese. Akiri only speaks Japanese in the episodes of this podcast.

She speaks at a normal conversational speed, and she is very easy to understand. Akiri is a Japanese conversation coach who teaches foreign business people how to communicate in Japanese. She also has an Instagram, and she puts transcripts of the podcast, in Japanese and English, on Google docs.

Akiri began uploading episodes of the Bloomish Japanese “Learning Culture in Japanese” podcast back in May of 2020.

She currently has 48 episodes published, so the average is about 2 episodes each month. It looks like she is going for 2 episodes each month anyway, there was a break or two in 2020 and 2021, but she published a few extra episodes during a few of the months, and has been on the 2 episodes a month track for the past few months. Each episode is approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length. (As of this writing her last podcast was in May of 2022.

Akiri talks about many different topics in Japanese, like: proverbs, foods, holidays, marriage, kimono, clothing, conversation skills, and many, many more. Since she posts transcripts in Japanese on Google Docs, it is very easy to follow along in both Japanese and English. You can find the Google Docs link on the Linktree page linked at the end of this post. Akiri also offers a free e-book download about Japanese particles. The only drawback about receiving the free e-book is that you have to provide your email address.

I highly recommend this podcast for listening to Japanese and becoming more familiar with pronunciation and how words are used in Japanese.

You can find the “Learning Culture in Japanese” podcast at the links below:

Spotify: Learning Culture in Japanese

ApplePodcasts: Learning Culture in Japanese

Instagram: bloomish_japanese

Linktree: bloomish_japanese


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