"Learn Japanese with K" - Podcast for Japanese Language Learning

 The "Learn Japanese with K" Podcast for Japanese language learning is for intermediate Japanese language learners. Kei makes this podcast in order to provide comprehensible Japanese for those learning the language.

Although you will pick up some things, and he will very occasionally talk about Japanese language grammar or explain how to use an expression, that is not the format of the podcast. Kei is speaking Japanese to provide input in Japanese. He does speak a little slower than normal, and it is very easy to understand him. He will also mostly make a slightly longer pause after each word so that it is easier for you to pick out separate words. Kei talks about many different things on his podcast episodes.

Topics of the “Learn Japanese with K” podcast can range from the history of different areas of Japan, to fishing on a lake at -10 degrees celsius. He also will sometimes discuss current events, or events that have recently been featured on the news. Other topics include some of his life events, and books that he has read.

Kei started the podcast in April of 2021, and currently has 90 episodes. Although, he says at the opening or closing of each episode, that he will post an episode weekly. Episodes so far this year have been pretty regular, but he had a few months in 2021 where he posted only 1 or 2 each month. The podcasts average anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in length, with a few here and there going up to 45 minutes.

Like some other Japanese language podcasters, Kei has a website where he posts everytime he releases an episode. He has transcripts, but they are PDFs linked in each episode post.

You can find the “Learn Japanese with K” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Learn Japanese with K

Apple Podcasts: Learn Japanese with K

Website: japanesewithk.com


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