Kanji Reading Practice #36 - Hospital Reception Ticket 受付番号

 A continuation of the Hospital Reception Ticket from the last Kanji Reading Practice.

When you check in, you will be assigned a number. That will be your number for the day, and it will be called when it is your turn to be seen at the different departments that you visit that day. There is a lot of kanji on this reception ticket. So, everything above the "0120" was on Kanji Reading Practice #34. I left it in so you can practice reading those ones again. There is a lot more kanji below the "0120", so I will handle them one bullet at a time in this and the next post.

Kanji Reading Practice #36 - Hospital Reception Ticket 受付番号 has kanji from WaniKani levels 10 and below. But the rest of the ticket above the sentence in this post has kanji from Wanikani levels 40 and below. See down below the picture for the Kanji readings and meanings; as well as the definition of the vocabulary.

The Kanji:

用    紙    本    日    全    終    了    手    元    持


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

用 (ヨウ) – task; business

紙 (シ) – paper

本 (ホン) – origin; main; real; book

日 (ジツ) – day; sun

全 (すべ) – all; whole; entire

終 (シュウ) – end; finish

了 (リョウ) – complete; finish

手 (て) – hand; arm

元 (もと) – origin; source

持 (も) – hold

The Words:

用紙 (ようし) – sheet of paper

本日 (ほんじつ) – today; this day

会計 (かいけい) – bill; account; check

全て (すべて) – everything; all; the whole

終了 (しゅうりょう) – end; close; termination

手元 (てもと) – at hand; on hand; nearby

持ち (もち) – having; holding; possessing

The Meaning:


This form, today’s bill is fully completed until,


Close at hand hold please.

Please hold on to this form until today’s bill has been paid in full.