Kanji Reading Practice #34 - Hospital Reception Ticket 受付番号

 This is something that you will likely see when you visit a hospital, or clinic, in Japan.

If you are just going to see your general practitioner, or even sometimes when you go to see a specialist, you will check in at the reception desk. When you check in, you will be assigned a number. That will be your number for the day, and it will be called when it is your turn to be seen at the different departments that you visit that day. See down below the picture for the Kanji readings and meanings; as well as the definition of the vocabulary.

Kanji Reading Practice #34 - Hospital Reception Ticket 受付番号 has kanji from WaniKani levels 37 and below. This one will be tagged with both "Level 40 and below" and "Level 30 and below". The level 37 kanji is the only one above level 30; and there are 19 kanji in this one. This one had a lot of kanji on it, so I blacked out the second half of the ticket. Look for it on the next Kanji Reading Practice!

The Kanji:

受    付    整    理    券    番    号    氏    名    様    生    年    月    日    男    昭    和    案    内


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

受 (うけ) – accept; receive

付 (つけ) – attach; refer to; append

整 (セイ) – arrange; organize

理 (リ) – reason; logic; arrangement

券 (ケン) – ticket

番 (バン) – number in a series; turn

号 (ゴウ) – number

氏 (シ) – family name; surname; last name

名 (メイ) – name; given name

様 (さま) – formal name ender (acts like Mr./Mrs.)

生 (セイ) – life; birth

年 (ネン) – year

月 (ガツ) – month; moon

日 (ニチ) – day; sun

男 (おとこ) – male; man

昭 (ショウ) – shining; bright

和 (ワ) – peace; harmony

案 (アン) – idea; plan; proposal;

内 (ナイ) – inside; within; among; between

The Words:

受付 (うけつけ) – reception (desk); information desk

整理券 (せいりけん) – numbered ticket

カルテ (カルテ) – patient’s chart; clinical records

番号 (ばんごう) – number

氏名 (しめい) – full name

生年月日 (せいねんがっぴ) – date of birth

昭和 (しょうわ) – Showa Era (1926-1989)

年 (ねん) – year

月 (がつ) – month

日 (にち) – day (of the month)

男 (おとこ) – male; man

案内 (あんない) – guidance; leading the way; showing around

The Meaning:

受付整理券 – numbered reception ticket

カルテ番号 – patient’s record number

氏名 – full name

生年月日 – birthdate

昭和 – Showa Era


You will be guided by the reception number. (They will call your number when it is your turn after you check in at each department you are visiting)