Kanji Reading Practice #31 - Construction Signs 工事中

 Another construction sign that I found while I was out hiking. Well, it was right next to the last two that I put in Kanji Reading Practice. Along with the previous two, you could most certainly see the same thing on a regular road.

Probably any type of road or trail for that matter. This is a pretty important sign that you might want to become familiar with when hiking in Japan. See down below the photo of the sign for the kanji readings and meanings, and the meanings of vocabulary words used in the sign. Kanji Reading Practice #31 - Construction Signs 工事中 has kanji from WaniKani levels 39 and below.

*Special disclaimer - while I have the general meaning of the Japanese correct, I probably butchered it. There is some honorific language on this sign, and I certainly got some of it incorrect. But the general idea is there.

The Kanji:

願    迷    惑    居    工    事    御    協    力    致


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

願 (ねが) – request; plea; appeal
迷 (メイ) – astray; lost; doubt
惑 (ワク) – feeling; sensation
居 (オ) – alive; to be; exist
工 (コウ) – construction; industry
事 (ジ) – action; matter; thing
御 (ゴ) – honorable
協 (キョウ) – cooperation; co-
力 (リョク) – strength; power; strong; exert
致 (タ) – do; cause; incur; engage

The Words:

お願い (おねがい) – please; request; favor; ask
迷惑 (めいわく) – trouble
工事中 (こうじちゅう) – under construction
協力 (きょうりょく) - cooperation
お願い致します (おねがいたします) – respectfully request

The Meaning:

お願い – Please (I beg of you)
ご迷惑をおかけして居ります – We are very sorry to inconvenience you.
工事中ご協力をお願い致します – Thank you very much for your cooperation while under construction.