Kanji Reading Practice #24 - Signs 臨時駐車場

 Here is another sign to help you navigate in Japan. I can't say too much about where you will see this sign, as that will give away the meaning of kanji too easily.

I can say that you will not see this sign very often in cities. You are more likely to see it out in smaller towns and in the countryside. See down below the photo for the kanji meanings, readings, and an explanation of the words. Kanji reading practice #24 - Signs 臨時駐車場 includes kanji from WaniKani levels 40 and below.

The Kanji:

臨   時   駐   車   場


The Kanji Readings and Meanings (this usage):

臨 (リン) – look to

時 (ジ) – time

駐 (チュウ) – resident

車 (シャ) – car

場 (ジョウ) – location

The Words:

臨時 (リンジ) – temporary

駐車場 (チュウシャジョウ) – parking lot


The Meaning:

Temporary Parking Lot