Kanji Reading Practice #14

 Here we have another product from the magical store known as Daiso. If you didn't know, Daiso is the Japanese version of a dollar store.

They focus on the 100円 price point. But like many other stores like this, there are products which are a bit more expensive. The Kanji on this product's packaging is from WaniKani levels 42 and below. See down below the picture for the explanation of the kanji.

The Explanation

The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(そな) - provide (おんよみ=ビ)

(アン) - relax

(シン) - heart

() - injustice

(ジョウ) - ordinary

(ヨウ) - task; use

(ふくろ) - sack (おんよみ=タイ)

(サイ) - disaster

(ガイ) - damage; injury; harm

(タイ) - versus; opposite

(サク) - plan

The Words:

備えて - (in) preparation for (そなえて)

安心 - safety; peace of mind (あんしん)

非常用 - for emergency use; for emergencies (ひじょうよう)

- bag (ふくろ)

災害 - disaster (さいがい)

対策 - countermeasure (たいさく)

The Meaning:

備えて安心!- Preparedness and peace of mind; Prepare for safety

非常用袋 - emergency bag; survival kit

災害対策 - disaster countermeasures; disaster prevention measures