"Japanese with Yoshie" Podcast for Japanese Listening Practice

 “よしえの休日 - Yoshie's Day Off” podcast is an intermediate level Japanese language podcast that you can use to practice your Japanese listening skills.

Yoshie is a Japanese tutor online, and makes these podcast episodes on, of course, her day off. She speaks in Japanese throughout each episode, and she is easy to understand. Yoshie has a website where she posts transcripts of each episode of the podcast. After listening to a few podcasts, it seems that she avoids difficult words, so it is easy for an advanced beginner to understand everything that she says.

The only ‘bad’ thing about the “よしえの休日 - Yoshie's Day Off” podcast is that Yoshie only produces episodes on her days off. She must be very busy, as she does not have very many episodes. It looks like Yoshie has taken down the 9 episodes that she had on Spotify and Apple, and is limiting podcast hosting to one platform on her website. She only has a few episodes right now. Nevertheless, I recommend listening to Yoshie. She is interesting to listen to and talks about different subjects. I can't say that she talks about many different subjects, as she doesn't have very many episodes yet. But, it seems like she will talk about daily life, and many other topics; if she keeps releasing episodes.

Yoshie also has a YouTube channel, “Japanese with Yoshie”. Although, it seems she has deleted all the old videos she had, and now only has 4 videos posted. Her website also has many grammar lessons which are categorized by JLPT level.

You can find the “よしえの休日 - Yoshie’s Day Off” podcast at the following links:

YouTube: Japanese with Yoshie

Website: japanesewithyoshie.com

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