"Japanese Lessons with Mayuna" - Japanese Language Learning Podcast

 “Japanese Lessons with Mayuna” podcast is an intermediate level Japanese language learning podcast.

Mayuna teaches Japanese on iTalki, has a website where she posts her podcast transcripts and articles that she writes periodically, and a YouTube channel where she posts episodes of this podcast. Visit her website, linked below, for a variety of ways to listen to her podcast.

Mayuna began posting episodes of the “Japanese Lessons with Mayuna” podcast back in November of 2021. She releases one episode each week on Friday, but her website says she has paused the podcast. The last episode that she released was on July 9th, as of the writing of this post. She only has 47 episodes at this time. Each episode is somewhere between three to four minutes in length. Really. Not one episode is less than three minutes, and not one episode is longer than four minutes (at this time).

Mayuna speaks at a normal pace, and speaks clearly so that it is easy to understand what she is saying. The podcast is entirely in Japanese, there are no English explanations at all. She talks about a variety of topics on her podcast like going to the bookstore, the importance of teeth, and many other topics. She also posts transcripts of the podcast episode on her website. She posts them in both Japanese and English. This is a good podcast for practicing your listening skills, and for immersion into the Japanese language. You will need to have already learned a lot of vocabulary in order to understand what Mayuna is talking about.

You can find the “Japanese Lessons with Mayuna” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Japanese Lessons with Mayuna

Apple Podcasts: Japanese Lessons with Mayuna

YouTube: Japanese Lessons with Mayuna

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