Torys Whisky - Suntory Commercial "Uncle Torys Saloon"

 This commercial is rather long, and about a minute and 30 seconds, and features a 'bad' Cowboy and a Sheriff. The bad guy walks into Uncle Torys Saloon and wants some Torys whisky, of course.

Well, Uncle Tory seems to be out of Torys whisky which angers the bad guy. Along comes the Sheriff in a wagon with a delivery of Torys for Uncle Tory. At first it looks as though the Sheriff isn't going to do anything about the bad guy, until the bad guy motions 'hit me'. So, the Sheriff finally knocks out the bad guy. All is good now that Uncle Tory's saloon has Torys Whisky in stock again. How does Uncle Tory run out of Torys anyway? He had a bunch of bottles of it on the wall behind the bar.