“Sayuri Saying Everyday” - A Japanese Language Learning Podcast

“Sayuri Saying Everyday” is a Japanese language podcast to assist you with learning Japanese. Her podcast description says that it contains natural conversations from everyday life in Japan, at a level that is perfect for intermediate learners.

Her YouTube channel features transcripts of the podcast, and she says that it is the best way to go from beginner to confident intermediate, and beyond!

Sayuri speaks Japanese clearly, and with a speed that is not too fast. You can understand everything that she is saying, and pick out each individual word. Most of the time, she picks a topic or a word to discuss on each episode. Sometimes, she will have a conversation with someone. Her podcasts are entirely in Japanese. You can listen to Japanese without being interrupted with English explanations. Listening entirely in Japanese should help you improve your ability to pick up additional words that you don’t know, and help you determine the topic of the conversation.

Sayuri started the "Sayuri Saying Everyday" podcast in June of 2020, and puts out an episode about once each week. Although there were a bunch of episodes put up in July 2020. Between then and now, and August of 2021, there were anywhere from 4 to 8 episodes a month. However, after August it is about once a week. There are currently 164 episodes of this podcast as of May 2023. The episodes in which she discusses a Japanese word, or a topic, are somewhere in the area of 5 minutes or less in length. The episodes where she discusses some grammar, or has a conversation with someone, can be up to and hour or more in length.

The videos of her podcast episodes that she has on YouTube are not just words on the screen. It is an actual video of her talking, along with the transcript in Japanese. In addition, she puts up “shorts” (or whatever they are called), like you would see on instagram from a Japanese teacher.

I Highly recommend her podcast and her YouTube channel. 

You can find “Sayuri Saying Everyday” at the following:

Spotify: Sayuri Saying Everyday

Apple Podcasts: Sayuri Saying Everyday

YouTube: sayurisaying


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