Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk! - A Japanese Language Podcast Review

 “Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk!!” is a Japanese language learning podcast with real Japanese conversations. The podcast hosts are two Japanese college students that talk about various topics in Japanese. This is another great podcast for Japanese listening practice. The hosts rarely say anything in English, and only to explain a difficult topic or quickly explain a word definition.

“Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk!” started putting out episodes in January of 2019. The hosts are two college age Japanese women, Mizuho and Kayako, who have conversations in Japanese. Episodes were released at a pace of between 2 and 4 episodes per month when they first started. The number of episodes released each month started dropping in 2020, and the last episode of 2021 was put out in September. On January 1st of 2022 a new episode was released, but there hasn’t been another since then. As of right now, there are 81 episodes. Episodes vary a lot in length, anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

Another Japanese listening podcast that is not for beginner Japanese language learners. You have to know a good amount of Japanese to be able to understand the conversations that they are having. “Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk!” is good for intermediate level Japanese language and above.

Mizuho and Kayako started posting vocabulary lists of each episode on a website in the beginning. It looks like they have started adding example sentences, maybe even sentences they used in the podcast, for a lot of the vocabulary. But they are not posting full transcripts of the episodes.

You can find “Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk!” at the website: Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk!

Twitter: @smalltalkingjp


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