“Learn Japanese with Noriko” - A Japanese Language Learning Podcast

 “Learn Japanese with Noriko” is a Japanese language podcast in which Noriko discusses various topics while teaching you Japanese. Noriko says that she is a fully qualified Japanese teacher, that she creates online courses and teaches online. I would classify this podcast as an intermediate level podcast.

Since there are no visuals to help you, you do need to have a large Japanese vocabulary to understand what Noriko is talking about. You should also have some verb conjugations under your belt to help with understanding what Noriko is talking about.

The “Learn Japanese with Noriko” podcasts start in February of 2020, and season one ends at episode 365 in August of 2021. That is pretty much an episode almost every other day. Each episode in season one is between 5 to 15 minutes in length. Season 2 episodes can be a little longer, and Noriko has started having guests every once in a while. Noriko talks clearly, and at a normal pace. Although she talks at a normal pace, she speaks clearly, is easy to understand, and doesn’t talk too fast. You can hear each word and the pronunciation of every word.

Noriko has a website where she is advertising herself as a Japanese tutor, and she provides online lessons. She does have a season one archive of her podcast, and season one transcripts on her website, which are free. For season two transcripts, you will need to be a community member on her other website, or a patreon member. Noriko also has a YouTube channel where she also puts up her podcast episodes. I also believe that she does podcasts with Teppei from “Nihongo Con Teppei”.

I don’t know what else to say. This is a great podcast that has helped me with Japanese listening and learning. You can visit Noriko’s website here: japanesewithnoriko.com/

You can find her community here: Japanese-Together

You can find “Learn Japanese with Noriko” here:

Spotify: Learn Japanese with Noriko

YouTube: Learn Japanese with Noriko

Apple Podcasts: Learn Japanese with Noriko


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