“Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki” - Japanese Language Learning Podcast

 “Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki” is an intermediate/advanced level Japanese language learning podcast. This podcast is for anyone that is intermediate level and is learning Japanese.

Mizuki talks about a variety of subjects, entirely in Japanese throughout the podcast episodes. She also has a Patreon, YouTube channel, Instagram, and a website where she posts transcripts, in Japanese, of the podcast. Mizuki speaks just a little slower than a normal native speaker would, and she makes sure to provide clear pronunciation of Japanese while she is speaking. A very easy, and interesting podcast to listen to.

“Kotsu Kotsu” has the meaning of “step-by-step”, and gives the impression of taking things one at a time, slowly. Also, it gives the impression of focusing on what you are doing at that moment, and not the end goal. Mizuki began publishing episodes of the “Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki” podcast back in February of 2021. She releases, on average, somewhere between 2 and 5 episodes each month, and currently has 70 episodes. The length of each episode ranges from around 7 minutes to 20 minutes in length. She talks about things like Japanese celebrations, part time jobs, holidays, Japanese television shows, Japanese subtitles, and sometimes interviews other Japanese Language learning podcasters.

On her patreon, she offers 3 different levels of subscription. Mizuki offers things like: private stories and interviews (with transcripts), video podcasts, shadowing lessons, a discord community, and private lessons (at the top patreon level).

On her YouTube channel, she posts different types of videos, not just the podcasts. The podcast videos are audio, static picture video, and Japanese subtitles. In addition, she posts conversation and shadowing videos with Japanese subtitles. The Japanese subtitles are very helpful to follow along with the conversation videos, especially if you can read kanji. I highly recommend the “Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki” podcast.

You can find the “Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki

Apple Podcasts: Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/

Patreon: Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki

Website: Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo with Mizuki

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kotsukotsu_mizuki/


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