Kanji Reading Practice #9

This sign is from a recent walk that I took. It is a sign for a local shop. The kanji here are all level 28 and below in WaniKani. See down below the picture for the explanation.


The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(しゅう) - discipline; conduct oneself well, study, master

() - reason; logic; arrangement

(はん) - sell; trade

(ばい) - sell

(ばい) -  buy

(しゅ) - take

(かく) - each; every

(しゅ) - kind; class; species

The Words:

バイク - bike (as in motorcycle; motorbike) *Obviously not kanji, but a word nonetheless*

修理 (しゅうり) - repair; servicing; fixing

販売 (はんばい) - selling; sales

買取り (かいとり) - purchase; buying; buy back; buy out  (also 買取、買い取り)

カスタム - custom (again not kanji)

各種 (かくしゅ) - every kind; all kinds

イベント - event

The Meaning:

Since these are single words/vocabulary on the sign, I think you can get the meaning from the section above.