Kanji Reading Practice #6

 ust three low level (WaniKani level) on this sign from Daiso, the Japanese 100円 store. An advertisement that is trying to get people to buy something specific. The few kanji are from WaniKani level 9 and below. See down below for the explanation.


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The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(てん) - store; shop

(ちょう) - long; leader, superior, senior

() - sell

The Words:

店長(てんちょう) - shop manager

イチオシ - top recommendation; highly recommended (also “一押し”)

売れてます (うれてます) - selling well (popular)

The Meaning:

店長イチオシ! 売れてます!

Shop manager’s recommendation! Popular item!


The English translation that the store went with on the sign is "Store Manager's Recommendation! Selling quickly!"