Kanji Reading Practice #1

 This Kanji reading practice features kanji from WaniKani levels 10 and below. See the photo below for the kanji, and down below the photo are the answers.

A hint for this is that this contraption is used in mall, or shopping center, food courts. Many Japanese malls have a cafeteria style food court with many different food places surrounding a general seating area. This way, you can eat something different than the people you are with. The food shop you order from will give you something like this when you order.

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The Kanji:

鳴(な)ー Level 10

持(じ)ー Level 9

The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

鳴(な)ー ring

持(も)ー hold

The Words:

鳴りましたら(なりましたら)ー when (if) it rings

お持ち(おみち)ー carry

カウンター counter

The Meaning:


When it rings, please bring it to the counter.