Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)

 This is one of my favorite Japanese Language learning resources: “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)” podcast. This podcast, like it says in the title, is for beginners. I think I would define it as upper beginner level, or even intermediate, as he speaks entirely in Japanese. 

On occasion he may say a word in English, but only because it may be a very difficult Japanese word that is not easy to define with other ‘low level’ Japanese words. So, although he defines it as ‘beginner’, you will need to have a good number of Japanese words already learned and also be able to understand some grammar concepts. As this is audio only, and there are no visuals to help you determine what is going on, you do need to know Japanese before you start listening to learn new words.

This podcast is great for Japanese immersion listening. Teppei speaks a little more slowly in this podcast than he does in his other podcasts. He also tries to use easy, or lower level, Japanese when he is talking about a variety of different topics. He will repeat sentences, sometimes over and over again, with different words. I suppose this is to help you get the grammar point that he is trying to teach. Teppei is interesting to listen to, and he talks about interesting topics. He does also have a sense of humor, and tries to make it fun.

Teppei started “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)” way back in July of 2019, after listeners of his “Nihongo Con Teppei” podcast asked for something easier to understand. This podcast is still currently running, and is up to episode #522. Teppei puts out about 3 episodes of this podcast each week, and they average around 4 minutes each. Short little bursts of Japanese for you to listen to, study, and analyze, if you need to.

You can find “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)” at the below:

Nihongo Con Teppei Website: “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)”

Spotify: “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)”

Apple Podcasts: “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)”

YouTube Playlist: “Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo Con Teppei)”


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