"Nihongo Con Teppei" - Japanese Learning Podcast

 This is one of my favorite Japanese Language learning resources: “Nihongo Con Teppei” podcast. This podcast is for those at the intermediate level of Japanese. Teppei is one of my favorite Japanese teachers to listen to. "Nihongo Con Teppei" is his first podcast where he teaches Japanese

Teppei says, on his Patreon, that he has 6 podcasts up and running at this time. Teppei speaks entirely in Japanese, and will attempt to use lower level Japanese if he thinks a "new" word or concept is too difficult for intermediate level listeners to understand. Occasionally he will throw in a word in English, but only because it may be very difficult to explain the word in Japanese. Since this is an intermediate level podcast entirely in Japanese, it can be difficult to understand if you don't have a good foundation of Japanese words and grammar already known. 

This podcast is great for immersing yourself in Japanese and listening to a native speaker. Teppei talks about a variety of topics on his podcasts from everyday life and things that he does, to cultural differences. For the most part, Teppei uses casual Japanese, and it is not the same Japanses that you will find in textbooks. He speaks slower than most Japanese people speak in normal situations, so he can be understood a little easier. Teppei is interesting to listen to, and he talks about a variety of interesting topics. He does also have a sense of humor and tries to make the podcast fun.

Teppei started the "Nihongo Con Teppei" podcast way back in February of 2018. He put out an episode of the podcast almost every day at the beginning, and then he slowed down a bit. Each podcast is anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long. This podcast ended in November of 2021, with episode #700. Currently, Spotify only has episodes 601-700. 

You can find “Nihongo Con Teppei” at the below:

Spotify: "Nihongo Con Teppei"

Apple Podcasts: "Nihongo Con Teppei"

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