Japan in Motion - Japanese Listening Resource

Here is a great channel for those of you who are looking for content to watch, or listen to, in order to improve your Japanese listening skills. It is also great if you just want to learn about Japan and Japanese culture. "Japan in Motion" (YouTube) is produced by a Japanese television station by the name of TSS. The Japan in Motion YouTube channel has been uploading videos for about 4 years at the time of writing. Japan in Motion is a great Japanese listening resource.

The videos are great for practicing and learning new Japanese. All of the audio is in Japanese. All of the videos include English subtitles. The content is similar to "Cool Japan", if you are familiar with that Japanese show. The goal of the producers is to introduce Japanese culture, food, tourist spots, hobbies, and art to those who are not Japanese. Some of the video topics include onsen, karate, bansai, gourmet food, fish markets, natural disaster, ninja, single life, and many more.

As is similar with "Cool Japan", a lot of the videos feature foreigners that are taking part in Japanese culture. For instance, one is a student of karate, and another is an apprentice of a bansai master. Another video features a foreigner taking an active role in one of Japan's many festivals.

The channel description indicates that the show features Japanese Pop singers as the hosts. More recently the show is hosted by a young Japanese woman, with 2 other young non-Japanese women. One of them is a cosplayer, and the other a model in Japan. Both of them have appeared on another Japan informational show with the English name of "Why did you come to Japan?". The Japanese content of the show is very interesting, but I don't really like the style and production of the show. 

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